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The Watchtower of Turayda Castle

Title: The Watchtower of Turayda Castle
Image number: 4DZ00109
Author: Didzis Kadaks
Related keywords: autumn, woods, watchtower, wall, Turayda, Turaida, panorama, Latvia, horizon, forest, clock, castle, brown, brick
Related categories: Architecture, Travel, Manors and castles
Usage rights: Advertising Free
Description: The Turaida castle near Sigulda, Latvia
The irregularly planned Turaida Bishop's Castle was built in 1214. The castle's portentous dwelling tower - Don John - was built in the 13th century. The old medieval castle was regularly extended up to the 17th century. Now the picturesque castle is a part of Turaida Museum-reserve. Visitors can see an exposition about the castle history and ancient Livs' life at the Gauja River (11th-13th centuries) in the restored buildings.